Fund Purpose

To rapidly deploy solutions and resources to help our nonprofit community navigate near- and longer-term impacts of COVID-19 and ensure that critical resources remain available and readily accessible for those in our community who have the greatest needs and are most disproportionately affected.

Fund Use and Target Populations

This fund will rapidly provide grants to Greater Philadelphia organizations with a successful track record of serving at-risk populations such as the elderly, disabled, homeless and economically disadvantaged and will shore up community safety nets such as food pantries and health services, as well as help with preparedness and protection such as hygiene supplies, access to accurate current information, and available services.

A Unified Regional Response

Mayor James Kenney, Bill Golderer, United Way of Greater Philadelphia and Southern New Jersey (UW) and Pedro Ramos, Philadelphia Foundation (PF) are urgently calling on all those in our community to support a unified fund so we can swiftly and efficiently get resources to organizations serving our most vulnerable neighbors.


The Fund brings together a diverse coalition of philanthropy, government and business partners joined together as one unified regional community to create a regional rapid response funding source. The Fund is designed to complement the work of regional public health officials and expand local capacity to address the effects of this national emergency on the Greater Philadelphia Region as efficiently as possible.

Civic Leadership & Grant Making

The Fund is a joint venture between PF and UW with Pedro Ramos and Bill Golderer serving as co-directors.
Grants will be made collaboratively among UW, PF, and other philanthropic and community members through a civic leadership Committee co-chaired by the two organizations and including community, government, and corporate leaders.


A Rapid Grants Advisory Committee, comprised of selected community representatives and outside technical experts (e.g., from academia and healthcare) will provide guidance and expertise. In order to move resources quickly and not further burden organizations on the frontlines of the pandemic, the Fund asks for the submission of a simple request form and dispenses from the usual formal grant application process.

Why Give to the Fund?

Now is the time to join together in support of our community and those working on the front lines of the epidemic. Seated at the intersection of the business, public and nonprofit sectors, a collaborative partnership between UW and PF uniquely brings together the voices, leaders, resources and know-how to help our community manage through this crisis. The Fund will operate from a vantage point that allows it to holistically serve pressing needs, fill gaps, and remove roadblocks so the region can respond and recover as quickly as possible.



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